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Our Story


Sean and Brendan Harrigan, the “Hazy Brothers," were raised here in Danville by a strong family and tethered to the town by lifelong friends made during their SRVHS days. After leaving California for college (Bear Down!) and spending their twenties in San Francisco, Sean and Brendan knew they wanted to settle their own families where they had the deepest roots. The Hazy Brothers now each reside mere minutes from downtown Danville with their young families. Sean and Brendan have always shared passions for barbecue and beer; in 2018 they brought that passion to life when they committed to bringing Hazy Barbecue to their hometown. The Hazy Brothers and their team can't wait to create lasting memories for all who cross the Hazy threshold; come in for a taste of barbecue and sip of beer- it'll make you feel right at home.


Our barbecue technique parallels Texas style; smoked meats with signature dry rubs over oak wood fires. And although smoky, tender, juicy fare is literally “the meat” of Hazy, we also offer a variety of delicious salads, fresh vegetable sides and many unique options for all ages, diets and lifestyles. 

We may have taken a page from Texas, but this is California after all! 

Oh, and the bar features plenty of Hazy IPAs. No plot twist there! 


Our commitment at Hazy is perfecting authentic smoked barbecue and creating a fun, dependable customer experience! 

Attention to detail, consistency and humility are at the core of everything Hazy does.

Hazy Brothers - 1994

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